Now or the Future

by J. FloresThe Giants were not a good team this past year.  Look at past five years and the Giants look worst.  Yes, they had a Super Bowl run in the middle; but they got ‘hot’ at the right time with a young roster full of confidence, believing they could simulate the previous Super Bowl run.  Unfortunately, after winning a ring everyone wants more money for past production.  The Giants have been a victim of such fates twice in the past 8 years.  They are now paying players prime money for past production; financially that is a losing proposition.

The present looks cloudy with a chance of a storm sweeping through.  The Giants have forced Kevin Gilbride into retirement one year to early, or have they?  Before digging into the question, let’s consider the facts.  The NFC East has been winnable the past three years.  The NFC East has been one of the worst divisions in the NFL according to the standings.  The Mara & Tisch Family honors their words and is loyal to their teams.  Tom Coughlin is entering the last year of his contract.  Perry Fewell has been openly looking for other opportunities, but has yet to make a statement as a defensive coordinator.  The roster is overloaded with over paid players past their prime.  Eli Manning has been atrocious since he said he was a top 5 quarterback in the NFL.

However, the Giants have tremendous upside.  Let’s begin from the top down; the Giants have one of the most stable franchises in the league and are known for making sound decisions.  They have a talented GM; Jerry Reese is one of the best and has proven so time and time again.  The front office is known for making sound financial decisions along with great scouting and drafting.  They have a proven quarterback, although he has questionable performances in recent history.  The roster is full of talent and rising prospects.

Now, have the Giants made mistakes in the past? Have they over paid for mediocre players? Have they relied on the draft too much?  Do they over protect new players?  Sure, but what teams doesn’t have similar problems.

Going back to the earlier question, did the Giants force Gilbride into retirement a year to early?  Let’s play devil’s advocate.  The easy answer is no; the Giants has the worst offensive showing in Coughlin’s Giants career with a talented team.  The offense was stagnant; dreadful the majority of the time, and the options routes and screen plays were awful at best.  It is understandable to have a bad game or a few games, but to start a season 0-6 it is embarrassing.

Now that Gilbride has retired, the Giants can bring in a talented offensive coordinator poised to energize an offense full of weapons with a proven quarterback.  Right?  Well, no.  The Giants do not operate in that manner, especially with Coughlin as the Head Coach.  Coughlin is looking at a one year and out situation; he will not rely on a coach he does not know.  He will most likely rely on a coach he has worked with before, and who is willing to submit to Coughlin’s rules and playing style.  The new offensive coordinator will not be sexy, but rather experienced.  Then, why force Gilbride out?

Coughlin is most likely riding off into the sunset next year, the same way Gilbride did, especially if the Giants don’t make another Super Bowl run (sounds familiar?).  The only play the Giants have is to bring in an offensive coordinator in-training for head coach.  This will be much to Coughlin’s dislike; however, is a move towards the future.  If not, then they are likely filling a one year gap, as a new head coach will mean a change of the guards and new coordinators.

The Giants have a significant decision to make this off season.  Will they use Coughlin’s last year to perform some minimal rebuilding for a new coach in 2015, or will they hope Coughlin catches magic again and makes another Super Bowl run?  Whether you are on either side of the fence, you will see into the Giants’ future sooner than you think.