Drafting a Strategic Plan

by J. Flores
We have all heard the stories about aging players, injuries and players having down years.  The offense seemed unprepared, players were not on the same page, and there was lack of effort by certain players.  The defense was mediocre at best, plagued with injuries as usual. 

Overall, the Giants were out of sync for all of 2013 going back to preseason.  The coaching staff has relied on a stagnant offense, which has not changed much in the past five years.  Their playbook is well known around the league. The players were going through the motions, lacked effort and discipline, and for the most part rely on pure talent.

The Giants are desperately looking for answers.

Rather than speculating on who will cure the Giants’ issues, I will device the 2014-2020 NY Giants Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan will be the game plan for bringing the winning ways back to New York starting in 2014.  Keep in mind, the goal is always to win a Championship but rather than focusing on only short term goals, I will expand the plan through 2020.  This will provide the gift of foresight thus allowing Giants brass the ability to properly plan.  The strategic plan is to be continuously reviewed and revised based on yearly measures and targets.  The ultimate goal behind the strategic plan is to build a healthy, consistent, and winning team with the potential to make it to the Super Bowl each year.

I will begin by performing a SWOT Analysis of the offense, since the Giants will begin interviewing potential Offensive Coordinators as soon as next week.  Each week, a new section of the Strategic Plan will be posted until the NY Giants Strategic Plan is completed.